This past Wed 3/13/24, at the Bergen County Republication Candidates Night & County Committee meeting, my opponent Billy Prempeh went on a rant on how I am allegedly smearing him and spreading lies. He went on to take a quote from one of my email blasts where I stated that we should follow a quote from Ronald Reagan, “Thou shalt not speak ill of another Republican.” The so-called smearing Billy alleges I am doing was a video I posted revealing a disturbing lack of respect and civility. In the video, during a traffic stop, Billy says to the police, “F*** the police,” “Don’t listen to police,” “F*** you and suck my d***,” “If the Cops shoot at you, shoot back”, “we are coming after you,” along with many other threats.

This video depicts how unhinged Billy can be. I’ve personally witnessed it, having provided him with free office space for 4 years during his 2020 and 2022 campaigns. In addition to donating, I fundraised for him and garnered support from Curtis Sliwa and I facilitated many other initiatives on his behalf. Unfortunately, it wasn’t until shortly after the 2022 campaign that I witnessed his erratic conduct. It was then that I decided to withdraw my support. Last night, Billy, while quoting Ronald Reagan, displayed hypocrisy as he failed to mention that it is he “that speaks ill of another Republican”. Billy has spread lies about me during this campaign on his social media, while conducting interviews and has even verbally attacked me at a few events. That’s not the Ronald Reagan way, yet Billy quotes him when it’s in his favor. This is not someone who should be representing our great state’s 9th district in Congress. If anybody doubts the legitimacy of the video that clearly shows Billy’s blatant disrespect and threats toward law enforcement, feel free to contact me. The footage is easily accessible and available for verification. We are a party of law and order. Billy doesn’t respect law and order. Billy lost twice against Pascrell and he will lose again. 

Watch and Hear Both Videos Below

Billy Prempeh's interaction with Cops
Video 1/2

Billy Prempeh's interaction with Cops
Video 2/2