Billy Prempeh is ANTI- LAW AND ORDER

Billy Prempeh says he supports OUR Republican law and order agenda. But the truth is, Billy Hates Cops. If Billy becomes our nominee to run against Bill Pascrell this year, Billy’s campaign will be dead on arrival… and so will our chances to win back the Ninth District.

But it’s not just a political issue; it’s a moral issue. In these videos, Billy uses words that should NEVER be used to attack the men and women who protect us every day.

Voters of the Ninth District deserve a candidate for Congress who respects the rule of law, honors the Constitution, and BACKS THE BLUE.

Support our police. I support Law Enforcement.

This year, we can flip Pascrell’s seat, if we have a candidate who truly knows how to talk to everyone in our District. Kindly support me to be the candidate for the Republican nominee for the 9th Congressional District.